In which I have a grown-up blog… I hope…

What does it really mean to be grown-up? And did my generation read Peter Pan one too many times? Can I pleeeeeeeease wear black Chuck Taylors with my pin-strip suit???? In 11 days (YIKES!!!) I’ll be moving to Washington, D.C. after living in the Midwest for 23 years. I graduated with an English major and Business minor from Wittenberg University. Read my newly created “About WJ” page for all the details.

This blog’s purpose will be to ponder certain aspects of my generation (drinking games, how the hiring freeze has affected the recently graduated, the fascination with Chuck Taylors, and, unfortunately, Twilight), the funnier aspects of working retail to make ends meet, opinions on our culture, and to showcase my writing style. These are probably things the Internet has seen several hundred times before and from people far more talented than I. Nevertheless, I have decided to undertake this adventure and chronicle many of my other pseudo adventures as I explore a new city and adulthood (or rather, what I can pass off as adulthood). This journal will NOT be used to chronicle the everyday events of my life–not a “dear diary.” Cause… who wants to read that anyway??  I have a list of topics I’ll probably tackle first as soon as I put some of my writing samples up. I make a lot of lists in my life and have lots of random pieces of paper floating around my desk.

If you can’t tell, I like asides a lot and use parentheses and my dashes liberally. If it bugs you… tough! Thanks for reading!

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