Consume this

I’ve been brainwashed since I escaped the fleshy prison that created me

Given a label, given a name, given a number.

Given things. Endlessly.

I need so much and I need it now

Feed me drugs to control my overstimulated brain

Catch my attention before I lose it

Turn the boring into the Hollywood

Overcompensate your total lack of substance

with glitter, celebrities, fancy cars, sex, drugs

Things I’ll never have, never experience

But make me want it. Make me think I need it.

Pump music into my head all day long

Give me all new state-of-the-art noise canceling headphones

So I can drown you out, cut you off

Attempt to separate myself from how you see, how you use, my generation

We’ve fallen behind in so many ways

You tell us we’re damaged in so many ways

You never let us forget that we have more than you ever had

But we don’t appreciate it, take it for granted

We’re troubled, we’re angsty, we’re angry

But don’t worry, there’s drugs for that

There’s rehab for us

There’s anti-stress creams, Kabbalah,  MTV.

Maybe, just maybe

We cut ourselves off because we can’t stand the noise anymore

We’ve figured out how used we are

You wanna sell me something?

Bottle up some sincerity.


Maybe we need so much because our world is so empty.


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