Oh hey there…

Ok, sorry for the very long delay in between blog posts. My life actually got busy again!!!! FINALLY! So I got a new job that I actually really like. It’s down on 6th Street and Pennsylvania Ave. For those of you not familiar with the area, that’s right near the mall where all the museums and moments are. And by “right near,” I mean the next block over.  So I’ve been busy with the new job and also very busy going down to Virginia to see my nephew, who is the CUTEST little squawk box ever. Also, Dad came down to visit this weekend.

So yes very busy. I’ll be better and post more though. Don’t be surprised if there are a lot of similar things all at once. Like, I’ve read a lot of books lately , and I plan on writing a review on all of them. …. Eventually…

So yeah 🙂 I’ll post more soon.


2 responses to “Oh hey there…

  1. yay! post more! i must do the same…life has been coming at me at 300 mph and i can’t believe i’m actually gonna be flying back in to indiana in less than a week! any more word on our state fair date?

    • Yay for you coming to Indiana!!!!! …. boo for me not being able to get the time off of work… 😦 Sorry love, I couldn’t get away for enough days to make the drive back home worth it. Call me when you’re actually in the States though! I need to hear everything

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