About WJ

WJ- It’s pronounced “dub-jay,” not the initials W. J. Although they are my initials. This nickname was fondly given to me by my brother and is now what most of my family and some close friend call me. Frankly, I love it.

I’m a reader and a dreamer by nature. My mother read to me often as a child, and as soon as I could read to myself, I did it all the time. Yes, I was one of those awkward kids who read at the lunch table during middle school and high school. I rarely get rid of any book that I purchase, so I have quite a little collection building up. Unfortunately, I sold back most of my college texts–a decision that I’m now kicking myself for (and as an English major, I know that should read “a decision for which I am now kicking myself” but hey, I’m originally from the Midwest and we say, “Where’s my coat at?” *cringes* There are some habits that you just can’t get rid of).

I was an English major with a Business minor at Wittenberg University. I attended the Denver Publishing Institute in the summer of 09. I love editing and would like to be an acquisitions editor some day–a job that every book nerd covets.

I play guitar, violin, and some piano. I love to sing and dance. I write (fiction, creative nonfiction, and academic works).  I’ve been told that I’m dramatic, and I completely agree; I work with the extremes because normal and mediocrity are boooooring. I am a self-defined nerd. I love Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Sword of Truth series, several animes, role-playing video games (World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, etc), Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons. On the flip side, I’m quite social and tend to fall into depression when left to my own devices. I probably partied far too much in college, but who didn’t? Despite the former statement, I consistently made dean’s list, kept a steady job, acted out several roles for my sorority (including Treasurer), and had a flourishing social life with several groups.  I love defying stereotypes. I guess it’s just a part of living in the extremes and being dramatic. I am comfortable being one of the boys, but I’m such a sucker for make-up and fashion and high heels. I was the unmotivated, lazy, good-for-nothing honor student who got better grades than my peers who actually studied.  I NEED my alone time but I thrive on relationships. My wardrobe isn’t made up of any one fashion statement. I have very adult, business-like clothes. I have hemp skirts. I have super tight, emo skinny jeans and skull-printed long-sleeved shirts with thumb-holes. I have an awesome cardigan collection. I’m just everywhere, and I like everything.

This blog is my attempt to create a professional personality on the internet–something to showcase my work and my writing style to future employers. It will not detail all the current events of my life because I have a tendency to get quite whiny, and, frankly, that’s what LiveJournal is for. So, um… thanks for reading!!