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Homesick in the Summer Time

Lately I’ve been feeling very nostalgic for the Midwest. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but it’s probably heavily influenced by the fact that two of my good friends from high school are getting married this summer and a third friend is engaged.  And they’re running around doing wedding planning together. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s summer time, and I wish that I was still in school so that I could be on summer break. Whatever the reason, I’ve been longing for my Indiana home…

Also, sorry about the lack of posts; life got super crazy with interviews and mild crises. I’ll be writing something more about Game of Thrones soon, and maybe a post on writing styles in fantasy novels. 

Oh, and now two escalators are shut down for repairs in Farragut North. When I say that the universe is out to get me/prove me wrong about things, I usually get a response along the lines of “the universe is too big to pick on you” etc, but I am beginning to believe that the universe is a micro-manager and likes to fuck with people sometimes, just to laugh. That is all. Have a great week. 🙂

Sorry for the Convenience

“Escalator temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience” – Mitch Hedberg

So any of you who live in the DC area and ride Metro are well aware of the elevator/escalator problems that our decaying public transportation system has. During the Rally for Sanity, an escalator in L’Enfant Plaza suffered from a brake failure and collapsed, injuring several people and causing quite a pile-up. I live on the Red Line, which has been undergoing intense maintenance since the crash in June of 2009, and I have come to accept the fact that there are delays pretty much every other day. I read about people complaining about Metro in The Express, and the answers given aren’t very encouraging. So I’ve just come to accept that I should be grateful that we have public transportation at all and that things will be fixed when they’re fixed.  Coming from a city with absolutely no public transportation at all, I honestly thought Metro was the greatest thing ever when I first moved here. Now, I cautiously watch the ceiling in the Farragut North station, waiting for a chunk of concrete with my name on it to come crashing down.

But I think people make too big of a deal about how slowly Metro is fixing itself. Metro has budget problems just like everyone else, and they’re doing their best. They’re under a lot of heat right now from the public and the media, so things are going to get fixed; we just have to be patient. At least we don’t have huge rats wandering around, stealing our lunches and possibly training mutant turtles of adolescent age to become ninjas (although that would be really cool and I’d be jealous of NY if that actually happened…).

So with that said, I would just like to share my experience of confusion and joy this morning. One of the escalators at Farragut North has been out of commission for about 5 months, meaning that riders have had to walk to the other side of the platform to ride up, or walk up the other escalator that was “temporarily” stairs. Not a huge inconvenience, but still mildly annoying. As I exited my train this morning, still sleepy and lacking coffee, I turned to the right like I always do to climb the temporary stairs. And I stopped and stared in wonder. Instead of a stopped escalator next to a closed-off-in-work escalator, there was a stopped one and, GLORY HALLELUJAH!, a pristine escalator going up. I looked behind me to the other side-by-side escalators to make sure that I didn’t just get turned around in the morning, but there were the two reliably working ones that had always been there. The escalator really was fixed. Now normally, I walk up the escalators even when they’re moving, but to savor every moment of this miracle this morning, I just stood and enjoyed the slow progression upwards.

It’s the little things in life that make a day awesome. Happy Friday.

The Fake Feminist

Feminism has been brought to my attention a lot lately, probably because I’ve been reading the “TwoXChromosomes” subreddit a lot. And one thing that weighs heavy on my mind is the “fake feminist.” Now this is a girl that gives all feminists one bad reputation. Let me paint you a picture of this ignorant chick.

First off, she obviously calls herself a feminist. But anyone who knows anything about feminism and men’s rights should be able to see through this lie right away. She only believes in policies that bring down men instead of lifting up women to a level of equality with men. She believes that she should get a job over a man with better credentials because she’s a woman. Anything that isn’t fair in the workplace she blames on the fact that she is a woman, not the fact that she’s completely incompetent. Being a woman is her trump card to everything. She’s in a bitchy mood, but she’s allowed to be ’cause she’s a woman on her period. She tries to dress in power suits and hide the fact that she’s a woman because she claims that she’ll be treated differently if she flaunts the curves God gave her. She claims to not need any help from men because she’s strong and independent and can do it herself, but she gets offended when a man doesn’t hold a door open for her. She uses inconsistent language. She’ll bitch and moan whenever someone uses the word “bitch” because it’s degrading to women, yet she’ll have the audacity to say something like “That exam totally just raped me” and think nothing of it. She calls herself a feminist because she wants to be strong and equal, but she doesn’t know how and would rather drag men down to her level than nut up and play with the big boys. She is usually a spoiled brat.

To all the Fake Feminists out there: You disgust me. I consider myself a feminist, and your actions make me and those like me look like bitches. You’re the reason we have a bad rap of man hating and whining.

Here’s how I believe a true feminist should behave. She’s confident in her looks and knows that dressing in pretty colors, skirts, lace, and frills isn’t making her any less serious. In fact, it doesn’t matter what she wears because she’ll get the job done either way. She’s strong and confident– the kind of woman who can strut her stuff in 6 inch heels or flats or sneakers. She holds herself accountable for her actions and rises to the challenge of keeping up in a fast-paced business world. She juggles a career and a family, sometimes with grace, sometimes with a lot of coffee. Or she focuses on a career. Or she focuses on a family. Doesn’t matter because it’s her choice.  She respects everyone despite their gender, holds doors open for everyone behind her, helps elderly citizens across the street, and saves kittens from trees. … Okay maybe I went a little overboard. But the point here is that she treats everyone as an equal and her attitude towards life demands that she be treated as an equal as well. She is a mature adult who understands that the world isn’t fair and that to blame it on being a woman only adds to the problem and doesn’t solve anything.

Feminism is not about holding men down so that we can rise up. It’s about being completely equal and holding our own. It’s about the choice to be able to do what we want with our lives, our careers, and our bodies. The fake feminists try to take away men’s rights just because they can’t figure out how to live in what they call a “man’s world.” Fake feminists, put on your big girl panties and learn to deal with it because life is not going to slow down for your spoiled asses.

I believe that beside every good feminist is a good partner, supporting her when she needs it and whom she can support when s/he needs it.

DC food trucks

So one thing that I love about working in the city are the food trucks! They come out only during lunch hours and are highly specialized. There’s one bright pink one that’s exclusively cupcakes! But they basically drive around the city and are at a different “park” every day. Farragut Square seems to attract most of them and every day there’s at least 4 or 5 different trucks to choose from. Now I don’t normally buy lunch from the food trucks because I try to be healthy/cheap and pack my lunch, but on rare and special days, I’ll be adventureous and try something new. And today, a truck with an adorable piece of toast and the words “BIG CHEESE” hooked me in.  And yes, it’s an entire truck that specializes in different kinds of grilled cheese. Check it out here ( On their website you can look at the menu, check to see where they’ll be each day, and even sign up to follow them on twitter.

I got the Mt Fuji grilled cheese sandwich: brie, toasted apples, and honey on multigrain! It was so good that I just had to write a blurb about it. Definitely give this truck a try because I know that I’ll be stalking it in the future!