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DC food trucks

So one thing that I love about working in the city are the food trucks! They come out only during lunch hours and are highly specialized. There’s one bright pink one that’s exclusively cupcakes! But they basically drive around the city and are at a different “park” every day. Farragut Square seems to attract most of them and every day there’s at least 4 or 5 different trucks to choose from. Now I don’t normally buy lunch from the food trucks because I try to be healthy/cheap and pack my lunch, but on rare and special days, I’ll be adventureous and try something new. And today, a truck with an adorable piece of toast and the words “BIG CHEESE” hooked me in.  And yes, it’s an entire truck that specializes in different kinds of grilled cheese. Check it out here (bigcheesetruck.com). On their website you can look at the menu, check to see where they’ll be each day, and even sign up to follow them on twitter.

I got the Mt Fuji grilled cheese sandwich: brie, toasted apples, and honey on multigrain! It was so good that I just had to write a blurb about it. Definitely give this truck a try because I know that I’ll be stalking it in the future!