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In search of the right Alpha male, or Disney lies!!!


Beth and I had an interesting conversation the other day about alpha and beta males. The topic came up in a weird roundabout way like most of our convos do (we went from “is your ring finger longer than your index finger” to this topic. I’ll give you a home-made breadloaf of your choice if you can guess how. You don’t count, Beth!!!), but it got me thinking about the men in my life and what women classically say they want. Women want a man who talks about feelings and his past, who’s sensitive, who compromises, who’s an equal partner in the relationship, who thinks with his brain and not his head. But really, these are mostly characteristics of a beta male, and as Beth, being the classy broad that she is, put it, “No one wants to fuck a beta.”

So I started thinking. Most of the guys that I’ve had the strongest attractions to have been classic alphas–leaders, charisma, physically appealling, dominate, walled off. These are also the men that have hurt me deepest wtih lasting scars–the type that make me run into the arms of a beta. But the thing is, I’m not happy there either. All the alphas I’ve dated have left me, but with all the betas I’ve dated, I left them. I’m too much of a beta female to keep an alpha male’s attention for long, but I’m too much of an alpha female in comparison to a beta male. I just don’t seem to work with either type of men! And I’m inclined to blame men and Disney at this point. Men because they’re so black & white, and Disney because it gave me unrealistic expectations about men.

Women aren’t nearly as definitive as men when it comes to being either an alpha or a beta. I feel like a pretty good blend of these two categories: I can lead when I need to; I’m bitchy when I need to be; I’ve got the bust-waist-hip ratio to set off men’s “she’ll bear me healthy sons” instincts, but I also like to be submissive, nurturing, and sensitive. It’s a lot harder for me to pinpoint which of my girlfriends are alpha or beta. But it’s easier than a blond with a tramp stamp to classify the men in my life as one or the other. Why is it that they’re so black and white? Maybe I’m just a bitter, man-hating rhymes-with-runt (which a bitter beta called me just last week), but I can’t seem to find a balance of the two catergoies in men. They’re either assholes or pussies. And frankly, I don’t want either.

And Disney, way to go with screwing up an entire generation of women’s expectations of their partners. Every single prince is a strong alpha male with a sweet soft side for the princess. He rules a country with charisma and a winning smile, but he also likes romantic gentle boat rides. He’s a wise-cracking, loner who goes all lovey mushy at one peek of a disguised princess’ eyes under her head wrap. He’s an adventuring explorer, but not a conquerer and repects the native people. He’s a beast who’s heart melts to the first person to stand up to him. He’s uninterested and bored with all the women introduced to him at a ball until he sees one just wandering in the distance. I haven’t watched Sleeping Beauty or Snow White enough to tear them apart as well, but I’m sure the princes are just as improbable as all the others. These types of men just don’t exist!!! And don’t give me that crap about reality vs fiction. When every single leading Disney man is the same impossible blend, it sends a message. The only “prince” that comes close to actually being realistic is Simba, and he’s not even human!!! In my experience, if he first appears to be a beast, he is a beast, and he doesn’t really have that warm, soft, mushy place inside where he keeps his feelings all locked away just waiting for the right girl. If he’s a smart-ass, lone wolf, he may be fun for awhile, but he’ll go back to his solitary ways sooner or later.

So, I guess this is all just one instinct-driven reason to stay single. It won’t stop me from making eyes at that toned, pierced, and angsty looking stud on the Metro though. *drools* Lord, I love those angsty alphas.

A Dark Masquerade

We screen our likeness from even ourselves

Because truth is painful

And lies are so easy.

We all play our parts to perfection

with elaborate costumes and masks

made up of our lies

to camouflage our weaknesses.


We’ve forgotten our true selves

behind so many beautiful things

that we don’t want to even think about

what’s now lurking underneath.


Take off your mask and I’ll remove mine.

What’s behind your charming visage

of a grinning, benevolent beast?

What’s underneath your character?

What’s behind my façade?


But try as we may

our masks stay on.

And mirrors reflect nothing

but elegant lies,

cleverly hidden

behind laughing eyes.

(revision of an earlier poem)