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Talkin’ ’bout my Generation…

What’s my Generation again? While I was browsing Reddit with my morning cup of coffee, I stumbled upon a good article (a nice break from rage comics). And it got me wondering, what generation AM I?

Now, being born in 1986 should classify me as a Generation Y, but both of my siblings are Generation X. I grew up with their taste in music, their games, their movies, their interests. Y is supposed to be defined as Gamecube and Pokemon and Dragonball Z and MP3 players, but I had Super Nintendo, Rainbow Bright, and Disney record hand-me-downs. I agree with a lot of the points made in the linked article about marriage and parenting perspectives. Am I a very young GenX? But then, unlike GenX, I’m stuck with GenY in the horrible, near-impossible job market that the Baby Boomers have set us up with.  Okay, so let’s say that I’m a GenY with a strong GenX upbringing; I’m still screwed by the Baby Boomers, just like everyone else.

I feel like GenY has been harder to classify than other generations, mostly because I don’t think that my age group really can define itself with just one title. The Internet has made it so easy to reach out to and connect with people all over the world based on interests, rather than having friends based on who’s in your neighborhood. And I think that we’ve missed out on a lot of things because of that. We’re so able to focus on our own interests and find like minded people, that I fear that we’re missing opportunities to branch out and do things outside of our comfort zones. When you surround yourself with friends that are just like you, where’s the room to grow and learn about other people’s interests? Maybe that’s why there are so many names for the generation born in or after the 80s: Generation Y, Millenial Generation, Generation Next, Net Gen, Echo Boomers, Boomerang Generation, Peter Pan Generation. What ARE we?

The last two names reflect the crappy economy and the trend to move back in with the parents after doing everything “right” like we were told. We got good grades in high school, did all the after schools activities, got good grades in college, again did all the after school activities, graduated with practical degrees, and find that the world didn’t work the way we were told it would. What really irks me is when I see articles about my “Boomerang” generation, and how lazy/spoiled we must be to move back in with our parents. If the Baby Boomers hadn’t screwed up the entire economy, we wouldn’t have to move back in with our parents. If the Baby Boomers hadn’t spoiled themselves rotten, we wouldn’t live in a country where staying at home a little longer than expected was viewed as a failure.

Ok, you caught me. I am a firm believer that Baby Boomers have screwed all of us over. Big time. The environment (global warming, the giant trash island in the Pacific), their fault. The economy, their fault. US involvement in the Middle East, their fault. The War on Drugs (which is harming us, but hurting Mexico far, far worse), their fault.

It’s left to our Generations–X, Y, and Z–to clean up the mess that our parents made. We will be the ones to struggle to close the yawning wealth gap. We will struggle to make the tough shift to renewable energy. We will live more like war-times, depending on family and close friends to share burdens. And we will get our acts together.  … So that the prosperous generation to follow ours can screw it all up all over again.