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I don’t wanna grown up, I’m a Toys’R’Us kid…

Maybe we never really grow up, but we just get better at being lame. Think about it. Being an adult definitely has its perks: work (if you like your job), alcohol, pretty clothes and shoes, driving, parties, ice cream for breakfast, cereal for dinner, sleepovers with whatever friends you want. But is also has its suck-fest qualities: work (if you don’t like your job), paying bills, doing responsible things like working out, and not really having ice cream for breakfast. All the things that are great about being an adult stem from our childish desires. And that’s not a bad thing at all. Most children are happier than most adults. So maybe the key to happiness is to handle our adult responsibilities and then revert to our childish ways–pay the bills and then go outside to do cartwheels in the sunshine or shoot some hoops.

There’s an episode of Friends where Rachel is embarrassed to run with Phoebe because Phoebe runs like a kid, arms flailing about, legs every which direction, and a huge grin on her face. Of course, Rachel being the typical adult is incredibly embarrassed at first because people are starring and judging.  Phoebe tells Rachel that she runs like a kid because running was actually fun as a kid. So Rachel tries Phoebe’s way, and she loves it! It’s freeing, and she says she feels so graceful (except that’s when she runs into a horse).  But the point of this tangent is that even adult activities that we lame-down with our adult lame-ness can be rejuvinated with child-like joy if we can let go of our adult insecurities. Who cares who’s staring at us while we run like maniacs?! Let them stare and be jealous because as long as you’re happy, then you’re free!

I particularly enjoy riding bike and going down hills, sticking out my legs to both sides and yelling “YAHOOOOOOOOO” all the way down. Hills are SUCH a new experience for me since Indiana is flat as a pancake. They’re fun to go down, but killer to ride back up. They make exercising fun!

Making drinking games to Disney movies is also another tried and true way to combine your adult and inner child for a night of giggles with friends.

Also, bonus love points to anyone who can sing the full Toys’R’Us song!! Don’t cheat and look it up you bad kids!