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You People Make Me Sick

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I actually have a few drafts that I’m working on and finding appropriate pictures for, but this issue just couldn’t wait for polishing or a picture.

To all the close-minded, Christians out there who are going to march on Washington to oppose gay marriage: Shame. On. You. You people make me absolutely sick. How dare you say that this isn’t similar to racial bigotry?! You’re denying a fellow human being the right to a union with the person he/she loves because of a difference in belief. You’re DENYING EQUALITY to a MINORITY.

If you’re trying to protect the sacred tradition of marriage, then you should also move to make divorce unconstitutional. That seems absolutely ridiculous right? That’s what you sound like protesting gay marriage!

I can barely put sentences together, I’m so angry at the moment. Mostly because of this guy: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/242517/getting-ready-march-washington-kathryn-jean-lopez

“One man and one woman, that’s equality.” FOR REAL DUDE?!?! You might as well just say, “Only white people, that’s equality.” It’s JUST YOUR view of equality. And it doesn’t include everyone, so it’s obviously wrong or flawed in some way or another.

What’s so wrong with love and allowing people to love?!

I’m sorry to all the Christians and conservatives out there who are actually good, loving, open-minded people. Because these people make you all look like idiots. 

Hey Brian Brown, Jesus would be ASHAMED of you.